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Welcome to Bondi Removals and Taxi Trucks - Furniture Removalists Sydney

Worry free furniture removal and storage, both local and interstate. We also provide packing services and supply boxes and other packing materials. We are close by to all eastern Sydney suburbs, such as Randwick and Vaucluse, and we specialize in all Sydney removals.

When in search of the best providers of removal services, there are many things to consider. Because the process of moving is stressful enough, you'll want to hire a reliable company that will handle your belongings with care. The first thing to do in your search is to do a bit of research on several Sydney removalists. Find out more about the reputation of each company by reading customer testimonials and research the years of experience each company has. This will give you the ability to eliminate any companies that don't meet your standards, which will simplify the selection process.

Once you've narrowed the field a bit, it's time to consider cost. Bondi removals provide high quality Furniture removalists Sydney and are reliable, so taking the time to find competitive rates from a company that provides the highest level of service will be worthwhile. Many companies will offer free advice so you can find out more about the business you should employ for your moving needs. It will be easier to find out more about pricing if you understand the specific services you'll require. Will you be packing on your own? Would you prefer to hire full service removalists? This information will help you find your way to a more accurate cost estimate.

Reputable Sydney Removalists

Having removalists Sydney with a great reputation and reasonable rates will help you enjoy a hassle-free move. Whether planning a commercial, domestic, or interstate move, Bondi Removals and Taxi Trucks in Sydney Australia is the leading provider of removalist services. With a long reputation of offering the highest level of professionalism without compromising on affordability, you can find the services you need at Bondi Removals. From start to finish, you will find friendly professionals that will meet your every need.

No job too small - No removal too large

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The guys you sent me were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. They turned up right on time, they didn’t muck around and they were friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond what I expected even offering to connect my washing machine for me – which I had absolutely NO idea how to do. They looked after everything, were thorough with wrapping everything and didn’t get annoyed when I kept changing my mind where I wanted things. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company for any future moves.


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Q; Removalists , I have booked did not turn up, can you help?

A; We'd be happy to as long as our availability is there, give us a call and we may be able to help you out on short notice for a furniture removals job.

Q; Do I have to be present, when the delivery are made?

A; We ask that you can arrange to be present upon delivery, if you can't we may need a signed authority allowing us to deliver your goods to a third party.

Q; Can you arrange my storage to be moved interstate or overseas?

A; We can advanced notification is required, and there would be an un stowing fee.

Q; Does my delivery cost, covers cost of return delivery?

A; No, we charge you for the furniture removals move into storage separately from the move out of storage.

Q; Can you arrange self storage for me?

A; We don't operate a self storage facility but can certainly recommend some in your local area if you would prefer.

Q; Can you transfer my furniture to another storage location?

A; If the time comes that you need access to your goods in storage, we are more than happy to do a furniture removal job to any other storage facility that you choose.

Q; Are my goods insured whilst in storage?

A; If you take out insurance through our insurance broker Carts Insurance 1300 880 253 your goods can be insured for the move into and out of storage as well as whilst they are in storage.

Q; Are my goods protected in storage?

A; We will put pads, blankets, and cardboard to protect your goods whilst it's in our storage, we can also put plastic covers on your mattresses and lounges if required.

Q; Is your storage safe?

A; Our storage is security warehouse storage, it's extremely secure, with CCTV cameras monitoring, and pass codes required to enter and leave.

Q; Can you give me discount for long term prepayment of storage?

A; Yes if you are paying 6 months in advance we provide a 5% discount, if you pay 12months in advance we provide a 10% discount. If you come out earlier you will receive a refund for any overpaid storage, however you forfeit your discount.

Q; Do you have storage?

A; We have security warehouse storage, which means there is no customer access. Bondi Removals staff must move you in and out. If you need to get access to certain items you may meet our staff there to do so (Incurs a fee).

Q; I have to be out of the place , but my new place is not ready, what can I do?

A; We can arrange short or long term security warehouse storage solutions if you require.

Q; Can I get my parents or friends pay for my removal?

A; You can we would need an authority from them if they are paying by credit card.

Q; What type of payment do you accept?

A; We accept cash, or credit card on the day of the move. If you are paying in advance at our office we accept cash, credit card , eftpos or elctronic funds transfer.

Q; When do I have to pay for my removal job?

A; For local furniture removals jobs upon conclusion of the job. For interstate and international job prior to loading.

Q; Can I leave my goods in your truck overnight, if yes for how long?

A; Sometimes if we have a furniture removals truck spare, usually a maximum of 1 – 2 nights only.

Q; I have settlement at a certain time, can you accommodate me?

A; We can most certainly, If there is a delay we can take a lunch break on our own time for up to a maximum of 1 hour, we may have to charge for additional waiting times.

Q; Do you work on public holidays?

A; Not generally we can upon special request but it does cost bit more to do so.

Q; Do you work at night?

A; Not generally we can upon special request but it does cost bit more to do so.

Q; Can you move furniture inside my house only?

A; We are happy to help you move items, within your property, within an apartment building, or out to the street for council clear up. With or without the use of a truck.

Q; Do your workers cover the good when in the truck?

A; Any furniture items that are moved into our removals trucks will be wrapped thoroughly with pads and blankets when they are loaded into the trucks.

Q; Do you do small jobs?

A; We certainly do small furniture removals, our motto is “no job too small”

Q; Do you move extra heavy items?

A; We can move upright Pianos and other heavy items if advised in advance, there would be an additional fee for certain items.

Q; Can your workers remove shoes whilst in my place?

A; It's a work safety issue for our removalists staff, we can if it is a must but generally we can put towels and floor runners down to protect your floors.

Q; Can you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

A; Our removals staff are happy to help with this for basic items, if you have more difficult items we can recommend a handyman for you.

Q; Do I have to empty all drawers before the move?

A; Yes please it's much easier for our removalist staff to move and prevents things falling out of drawers and getting lost.

Q; Can you move furniture over balcony?

A; We can depending on what floor, what items and the strength and condition of the balcony.

Q; Can I have as many men , as I think I need?

A; We can provide as many furniture removals staff on your job as it may require.

Q; Can I have full quote?

A; If you have a larger furniture removal job 3 bedroom unit or bigger we would be happy to provide an all up fixed quote.

Q; Can I help on my job?

A; You can, it's best to ask our friendly Removalist staff what you can help with so as not to get in the way. You can also assist by being well packed and prepared for the job in advance.

Q; Do you move pot plants?

A; We move pot plants, please make sure not to water them a few days before moving.

Q; Do you have cheaper days for furniture removals?

A; Some days in the week will be busier than others for furniture removals in Sydney. Please call our friendly staff and we can try to find a quieter day and give you our best price for that date.

Q; Do you give pensioner/seniors discount?

A; Yes we provide a 10% discount on our normal rates for your removal cost to an pensioners/seniors.

Q; How long in advance do I have to book?

A; As soon as you know your date, you can secure your booking with a credit card or deposit, we normally give you 72 hours to change your mind, before you lose your deposit, or we would need to charge a cancellation fee. However if we can change, without penalty we will.

Q; Can I have have the truck for my sole use to go interstate?

A; The interstate job are normally shared with other customers, hence price is lower. If you need the truck for sole use , charges will be on an hourly basis.

Q; Can I get a lift in your truck with my goods?

A; Yes if we use one truck there is room for one extra person.

Q; Are you charging tolls on Sydney highways?

A; Yes we do have to pass on any toll charges to our customers. Otherwise it's a large cost to us over the course of a year.

Q; Do you work if it’s raining?

A; We turn up rain, hail or shine. If there is heavy rain we may stop work for a little bit to let it ease up. We also can put plastic covers on your mattresses and lounges, and light blankets on your furniture as it's being carried to and from the truck.

Q; Can I just open the place and let them work alone?

A; You can, our staff are trustworthy, we do prefer that you show them everything that there is to be moved, and do a quick spot check once they are loaded to make sure everything has been moved, alternatively it's a good idea to have a friend, family member or neighbour present so we can put everything exactly where you would like it to be.

Q; Do you operate open trucks?

A; No, unless we have to work in an underground garage, we can provide ute.

Q; How big are your trucks, would they fit into my street?

A; Mainly operating 4 tonne trucks, we found them to fit nearly everywhere. If the job is larger we can send more. ( No extra cost)

Q; How long have you been in business?

A; We officially started on1st March 1980

Q; There are a lot of cheap removalists out there why should I use Bondi Removals?

We have found that you get what you pay for in terms of Sydney Removalists, we at Bondi Removals take the time to make sure your job is done properly, we are punctual, reliable and experienced. Our main concern is to get your goods moved from A to B in the exact same condition you’ve given them to us. Our trucks are fully equipped with plenty of pads, blankets and furniture ties, we have a trolley, dolly and basic tools as well as for sale spare boxes, port-a-robes, tape and plastic covers for lounges and mattresses on board.

Q; Do you do furniture removals interstate?

A; We have a regular weekly run to Port Douglas, QLD and all towns in between, we can move you to Canberra, ACT, and Melbourne, VIC if it is a bigger job 2 – 3 bedroom unit or larger.

Q; Are you experienced?

A; We have been a Furniture removalist in Sydney since 1980 and have completed over 40,000 job in that time. We have experienced friendly removalist staff that know how to get the job done.

Q; Do you just service the Bondi area?

A; Although we are based in Bondi, we can go anywhere you need us to, we mainly focus on removals in the Eastern Suburbs, but can do Furniture removal jobs anywhere in Sydney.

Q; What services do you offer?

A; We specialise in Furniture removals in Sydney, we also offer pre packing, supply of boxes and packing materials, unpacking and security warehouse storage.

Q; Can I have young workers for my job?

A; Personally I think the “ OLD “ guys have lot of experience to offer. However you can request younger workers if you prefer.

Q; Do you provide insurance for damage to furniture?

A; We do carry many insurances, like workers compensation, public liability, truck comprehensive insurance and green slip, however your furniture is only covered for accidents if you arrange, for an additional cost, with our insurance broker.

Q; Do you use contractors?

A; Yes for interstate and overseas removals.

Q; Do you charge for the whole hour, even when the time just goes over by few minutes?

A; No our charges are rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

Q; When do I get charged from?

A; Our time start when workers leave our depot in Bondi and finish when they return to the same depot. If you have a job out of the area we can negotiate travel times.

Q; What other stuff do you sell?

A; Boxes, porta-a-robes, picture cartons, packing tape, marker pens, butchers paper, bubble wrap, plastic covers, pads/blankets. Best way to check go to www.allwebsitedemo.com/bondi

Q; How much refund?

A; Usually 50% on all used boxes , 100% on new boxes (if unused). Provided they are reusable.

Q; Do you hire boxes?

A; Yes if you have large removal job with us (3bedroom house or bigger), you pay the full price on collection ( by cc, cash or eftpos ), and after we finished the job, you or our company unpacked , and boxes are returned to our office we give you a partial refund.

Q; Can you do my packing?

A; Yes , we can pack and supply boxes. It's then done professionally.

Q; How long will the removal take?

A; It depends on the size of the job, how is the access to the place, how many trucks and men we will send.

Q; Are you ever late?

A; Jobs booked for first thing in the morning are guaranteed starting time. If the removalists job is booked for later in the day we give a 2 hour window for the commencement of the removals job. We are in touch with our customers and the office will stay opened later if needed.

Q; What are your operating hours?

A; Office hours are Monday – Saturday 9am - 5pm, the removalist are there to complete the job for the time and date you are booked for your local removals.

Q; What are your prices?

A; Rates vary according to the size and difficulty of your job. Check out our www.allwebsitedemo.com/bondi for prices of packing material. Whilst you are there fill out quote request so we can work out cost of your removal.